Potentially yes. The severity is of a case by case nature but the problem is all the same. Your rebar structural steel reinforces the concrete and gives it, most notably, tensile strength (resistance to being pulled apart). When water corrodes the steel, the shell begins loosing its tensile strength and becomes more subject to cracking and structural failure during moments such as seasonal temperature shifts. Please note that gross negligence and/or severe rebar corrosion would have to take place before most pools would be in any real danger. The actions H2Operations take against rebar stains are meant to stop the rebar rust “fuse” from damaging more than what has been done upon arrival. It is most akin to the idea of a dentist filling in a cavity to save the tooth.

No. But as chapter supporters of IPSSA (Independent Pool and Spa Service Association) we work with a number of top-notch service companies all over the North Bay. We would certainly be glad to refer one in your area, so do not hesitate to ask us who to call!

With leak detection: We guarantee to find the leak or you don’t pay. With repair work – both structural and leak related: We carry a one-year workmanship guarantee from date of completion (unless given written exception for unique cases).

An anti-entrapment cover is a device that is installed on the suction outlet that prevents a person from being entrapped, entangled, or in any what held underwater due to the suction of the drain, or becoming entangled in some way by the drain or the grate cover. The law requires that the anti-entrapment cover meet current standards of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) ANSI/ASME 112.19.8.

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